Aside from family and work there are more than a few things that energize me:

Coaching Soccer: The best part of my week is coaching kids. I started out coaching my own children in Vancouver Athletic FC, North Shore Girls Soccer Club and Britannia Microfootie. They have moved on to new coaches, which is best for their learning and mine, but the desire to coach was never just about working with my own daughters. I am currently learning the ropes as an assistant instructor at TSS FC Rovers and Total Soccer.

Coaching Track: Each spring I volunteer at the neighbourhood elementary school. Growing up as a track-rat, I’ve loved having the opportunity to return to the sport with my children and their schoolmates.

Golf: A highlight of summer is my Golf Trip, an annual tradition for more than 2 decades. 

Skiing: My wife and I grew up with family ski trips to the slopes and we are trying to pass along our love of the sport to our daughters. So far they are loving it.

Hockey: I took up the sport at 25 and found I really enjoyed being just awful and having the opportunity to learn like a kid again. An on-ice ACL injury, coupled with my love of coaching, has changed my priorites for now. I am also a long-suffering Canucks fan, sharing season tickets with a small group of friends for almost two decades.

Pizza: Italy is my favourite country to visit and my favourite meal by a mile includes a true Neapolitan Pizza. I love experimenting with pizza at home and while my wife has not yet consented to a wood fired oven in the back yard I am still able to knock out some nice pizzas on the BBQ.

Wine: As wine lovers, we incorporate tastings into many of our trips. Some countries are admittedly better than others but it’s about the experience.  Wine tasting on the edge of the Caldera in Santorini is highlight, if not the wine itself.  The memories from the family cellars in Eger will last as long as the 2L plastic bottles from which we were served. Planning a hike in Setubal around tasting at the Jose Maria de Fonseca winery was another great day.