After I completed my MBA in 2011 I was proud of the accomplishment but I needed a fun project to fill a void. I found one in working on a blog: two things i learned today

The concept ws simple. I wanted ingrain the idea of learning into my daily routine. I planned to ‘learn’ two things a day, every day, until I made a habit out of it.

Lally et al. (2009), suggests on average a habit forms in about 66 days. Admittedly the range varies wildly based on the person and the complexity – there is a superb explanation of habit forming and the research here. A clean and memorable number works for me so I went with it. I blogged my way through the habit-forming process with a simple daily post of what I have learned for the first 66 straight days.  

Why two things? Three seemed like the natural number but somebody already owned that domain.  

What two things? My goal was to keep it broad and to keep it light. No target subject in mind.

What will you learn? Over a series of posts I hope you’ll get to know me, and what makes me tick.  And hopefully that will be interesting enough to make you think, or at least have a laugh at my expense.

TwoThingsILearnedToday – 66 days from January 1, 2012 – March 6, 2012 and VERY sporadically after that.
Disclaimer: This site and my blog posts are personal ventures and are in no way affiliated with any current or former employer.

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